Temple Stone

In 2006, 2 local historians and members of the Scottish Knights Templar of the Commandery of Jacques de Molay 1314 – Chevalier Archie Young and Chevalier Robert Hunter – discovered what looked like a small headstone. On further examination of photos of the stone, it appears to be Floral Cross or Knights Templar Baculus — the staff of office for either a Knight or an Abbot. The stone has been passed on to Historic Scotland for further tests and it may well be from between the 13th and 15th centuries.

Photos below show the stone with an overlay to show what might be the original design.

The photo below was taken in the Old Temple Kirk looking up at the East end window, it is thought that the V D stands for, Verbum Dei which means Word of God, or it could be, Visio Dei which means Vision of God, taken possibly from the old buildings which stood there once. 

Thanks go to Archie Young for supplying the photos and research.

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