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The website has received many queries from visitors afar, looking for information about about the area or about their ancestry. Initially we tried to respond to these queries ourselves however it has been difficult to keep up and ensure all requests are answered.

With the aim of making this process easier for both requesting and responding to enquiries, a Forum has been created to allow everyone to discuss "Everything Temple"!

This forum is split into 2 areas, one for discussions about the day to day events and chats of the Temple area, and the other where visitors (guests) can ask about the area, history and family trees.

While it is recommended that contributors register for the forum to gain all the benefits, the guest forums do allow anonymous postings which includes an anti-spam process to prevent uneccessary postings and spams. This facility may be removed in the future should the defences be broken, or other measures may be introduced to protect the forums from spam. We recommend visitors do register to avoid these issues.

Registering involves completing a few personal details, such as email address and choosing a password, followed by approval from the forum moderators before you can post your first message.

Please do not quote any personal details in the forums that you wouldn't want other visitors to read, including email addresses. However, your personal details entered when registering wil be protected.

The forum can be found here: Temple Village Forum

If you have any queries or problems with the forum, please .

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